Musical Theatre

[this page is under construction]

I have long been a fan of Musical Theatre, and I’m very excited to be devoting more of my time to it.

Currently in the works is a full length musical based on the novel The Seat of Power by Caroline Taylor.  It’s a darkly hilarious Faustian tale set in the banal world of corporate ladder-climbing, but with a strong (if irreverently delivered!) message about following the right dream for you.  The book has been prepared by Caroline Taylor in collaboration with Randy Duensing.

Previous projects include a short pilot for a musical theatre series telling the story of a bunch of superheroes who are made redundant and have to make their own way in the job market (link below), and a shelved project based on the hit teen-fiction book Wonder.

Some years before the proper show-writing got off the ground, the seeds of musical theatre-worship were being sown… Check out the Competition winning Musicals Medley I arranged performed by the incredible In the Smoke: